Election 1944: Dewey backed by Chicago Daily News (9-22-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 22, 1944)


Dewey backed by Chicago Daily News

Late Frank Knox’s paper hits 4th term

Chicago, Illinois (UP) –
The Chicago Daily News today announced it will support Governor Thomas E. Dewey for President.

The News, formerly published by the late Frank Knox who, before his death, served in President Roosevelt’s Cabinet as Secretary of the Navy, said in an editorial prepared for Friday editions that it opposes a fourth term.

The editorial said, in part:

In 1940, despite the courage Mr. Roosevelt had shown in seeking to arm the nation against the perils that surrounded it, despite the fact that Col. Frank Knox, our publisher, had been called to the cabinet, in the emergency, to serve as Secretary of the Navy, this newspaper was opposed to a third term. We supported Mr. Willkie, the Republican candidate. And we have not changed our mind. We were not for a third term. We are not for a fourth. Nor do we believe the American people desire a perpetual President.

…In short, no fourth term is necessary, for in Governor Dewey there has arisen among us a young, new, vigorous leader, with faith in the future…