Election 1944: Dewey attacked as pro-Negro (8-18-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 18, 1944)


In mysterious circulars –
Dewey attacked as pro-Negro

Memphis, Tennessee –
Business firms and individuals here are indignant over mysterious circulars they have received this week, attacking Republican presidential nominee Thomas E. Dewey as being pro-Negro and for poll tax repeal.

The folders, which are unsigned, carry pictures of Mr. Dewey talking with Negro leaders and attending a cocktail party with Negro newspapermen.

The Memphis Press-Scimitar said it had traced the printing of the folders to the Linotype Printing Company here. Clarence Bowe, secretary of the Shelby County Democratic Primary Board and a partner in the firm, denied that his company put out the material, which was mailed in Nashville, Memphis and New York.

One of the pictures of Mr. Dewey appeared in Life Magazine recently.

A postal inspector here said there was no violation of federal regulations involved, although declaring “this thing was designed to reflect on a person’s character.” He said that because the circular was sent in an envelope, it was malleable.