Election 1944: Dewey amends wage-freeze view given here (8-1-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 2, 1944)


Dewey amends wage-freeze view given here

Springfield, Illinois –
Governor Thomas E. Dewey, Republican presidential candidate, in a press conference here yesterday, said he considered an adjustable wage freeze was essential in time of war.

He discussed the question to amend somewhat the version of his view made public Monday in Pittsburgh by Thomas Mallon, regional director of the American Federation of Labor and spokesman of the labor group which conferred with him in that city.

Governor Dewey said:

I told him that I felt the wage freeze was essential, with such adjustments as should be made from time to time for the rising cost of living. And I said the Office of Price Administration had done an incompetent, bungling job which has brought chaos. A better job of that must be done.

Governor Dewey was asked whether adjustments should be made at once. He said the labor group in Pittsburgh had asked him about the wage increase now sought by steel workers.

Governor Dewey said:

I explained that I had not had an opportunity to read the voluminous testimony and therefore could not pass judgment on that.