Election 1944: Democrats gaining strength, poll shows (8-17-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 17, 1944)


Democrats gaining strength, poll shows

New York (UP) –
Fortune Magazine reported today that its latest presidential poll shows Democratic strength has gained in the last four weeks, with President Roosevelt favored by 52.5 percent of the votes against 43.9 percent for Governor Thomas E. Dewey, the GOP nominee.

The magazine said Mr. Roosevelt’s lead, now at 8.6 points, rose from 6.5 points in the period between July 8 and Aug. 5. In the July 8 Fortune sampling, Mr. Roosevelt’s vote was 49.2 percent compared with 42.7 percent for Mr. Dewey.

The latest poll also indicated, Fortune said, that 72.4 percent of the public believes Mr. Roosevelt will win, as against 66.4 percent in July.