Election 1944: Delay in soldier vote counting may hold up decision (11-4-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 5, 1944)


Delay in soldier vote counting in 11 states may hold up decision

Last day for receipt of ballots is Dec. 7 in North Dakota; states’ dates listed

New York (UP) – (Nov. 4)
The names of the next President of the United States may not be known for a month after the votes are cast next Tuesday.

Such a contingency could come bout only in event of a very close race. But if the race should be close enough to make the election hinge on votes cast by service personnel, the decision conceivably could be delayed until as late as Dec. 7, the last day for receipt of soldier votes in North Dakota.

Eleven states are to count their service ballot after Nov. 7. Most of those states plan to impound the ballots until they are counted, although a few plan to count them as they are received.

Of the states where the soldier ballots are to be impounded after Nov. 7, the actual count will take place: California, on Nov. 24; Colorado, Nov. 22; Florida, between late next week and Nov. 17; Maryland from Nov. 9 until the count is completed; Nebraska, Dec, 1; Pennsylvania, starting on Nov. 22; Rhode island, starting on Dec. 5; Washington, Nov. 8 through Nov. 25.

Missouri starts counting its service ballots on Nov. 10 and expects to take about two weeks to complete the job. In Utah, they will be counted from Nov. 7 to Nov. 13.

Accompanying is a table showing the number of service ballots sent out by each state and the number expected to be returned.