Election 1944: ‘Cotton Ed’ Smith opposed by four (7-25-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (July 25, 1944)


‘Cotton Ed’ Smith opposed by four

New Dealer among his primary foes

Columbia, South Carolina (UP) –
U.S. Senator Ellison D. “Cotton Ed” Smith, veteran of 36 years in the Senate and bitter New Deal critic, faced four opponents today in his race for renomination in South Carolina’s Democratic primary.

The main opposition to Mr. Smith, who defeated administration efforts to “purge” him in 1938, came from Governor Olin D. Johnston, a New Dealer. The other three candidates were attorney John N. Daniel, Dr. Carl Epps and attorney A. A. Merrimon.

Mr. Smith built his campaign around states’ rights and white supremacy. Election officials said Negroes would not be permitted to vote but some Negro leaders were expected to make a “token attempt” to cast ballots.