Election 1944: ‘Cold storage’ urged for some Roosevelt aides (10-13-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 13, 1944)


‘Cold storage’ urged for some Roosevelt aides

Washington (UP) –
Senator Edwin C. Johnson (D-CO) suggested today that Earl Browder, Sidney Hillman and Vice President Henry A. Wallace be placed “in cold storage along with Eleanor” – Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt – for the rest of the campaign.

Mr. Johnson, who personally opposed third and fourth term nominations for President Roosevelt, said the three men “are proving to be a millstone around the President’s neck.”

He said the task of putting them in “cold storage” should go to DNC Chairman Robert E. Hannegan.

Mr. Johnston said his suggestion was based on a belief that the Communist leader, the chairman of the CIO Political Action Committee and the retiring Vice President are alienating independent votes by the prominent parts they are taking in the Democratic campaign.