Election 1944: CIO office union supports Roosevelt (9-6-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 6, 1944)


CIO office union supports Roosevelt

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (UP) –
Delegates to a convention of the United Office and Professional Workers of America (CIO) today were pledged to support the Roosevelt-Truman ticket in an election which they said “will decide the speed of our victory in the war and the path to be followed in the peace.”

In passing a resolution presented by the resolutions committee, the delegates praised Roosevelt’s leadership and said that through his “Economic Bill of Rights,” solutions would be found to the economic problem of white-collar workers.

The convention pledged a voluntary contribution of $50,000 to aid the ticket. At least $1 will be sought from each member, according to the resolution.

Another resolution passed by the convention endorsed the conduct of our foreign policy by the President and Secretary of State Cordell Hull and called for continued unity among the United Nations for solving post-war problems and establishing a “peace-maintaining international organization.”