Election 1944: Can’t trust Dewey, Truman charges (10-21-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 21, 1944)


Can’t trust Dewey, Truman charges

Butte, Montana (UP) –
Senator Harry S. Truman said last night that Governor Thomas E. Dewey had to be “smoked out” on foreign affairs and that a “man who has to be smoked out isn’t to be trusted.”

Addressing a Democratic rally here, Senator Truman departed from his prepared text to say:

Mr. Dewey has been a long time finding where he stands on world affairs. We finally smoked him out. A man who has to be smoked out isn’t to be trusted.

In other departures from his prepared speech, Senator Truman urged unity among groups primarily interested in reclamation, flood control and power development in the Missouri Valley to promote the development of all three, and he spoke out for the first time on his campaign tour against sectional discriminations in freight rates.

He pledged the administration would extend rural electrification after the war if it is kept in office Nov. 7.