Election 1944: Bricker -- Democrats ‘shake down’ U.S. employees (11-2-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 2, 1944)


Bricker: Democrats ‘shake down’ U.S. employees

En route to New York (UP) –
Ohio Governor John W. Bricker today headed toward New York and New Jersey with their combined 63 electoral votes to deliver campaign speeches tonight at Paterson, New Jersey, and Queens, New York.

Last night at Toledo, the GOP vice-presidential nominee charged that the Democratic National Committee was illegally soliciting campaign funds in Ohio from federal employees. officers and employees of firms with government contracts, and recipients of federal loans and benefits.

Mr. Bricker based his charges on a letter which he said had been received by a federal civil service employee in Ohio asking for financial aid in reelecting President Roosevelt.

Mr. Bricker said:

This is the most brazen effort yet heard about to force federal employees into line. It is a violation of law and the spirit of patriotism with which many are serving. It is in keeping with Hillman’s effort to sell out American labor.

After holding a press conference in New York City this afternoon, Mr. Bricker will go to Paterson.

WJAS will broadcast Mr. Bricker’s Paterson speech at 9:30 p.m. EWT.

Immediately afterward, Mr. Bricker will go to Queens for another speech. Tomorrow, he will speak in Wilmington, Delaware, at noon; Camden, New Jersey, at 8:00 p.m., and in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House at 9:30 p.m.

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