Election 1944: Bricker blasts ‘indispensability’ (10-21-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 21, 1944)


Bricker blasts ‘indispensability’

Failures paved way for war, he charges

Provo, Utah (UP) –
Ohio Governor John W. Bricker today labeled President Roosevelt’s “vaunted indispensability” for foreign affairs a “myth” and blamed him for failure of the 1933 World Economic Conference which, he said, paved the way for the present war.

In a speech prepared for delivery here, the Republican vice-presidential nominee asserted the New Deal did not want next month’s election decided solely on domestic issues, because it feared “an overwhelming defeat.” Instead, he said, the Democrats want the campaign based on foreign issues because they think they can win on them.

Governor Bricker said:

The New Dealers believed they have been able to keep the people in the dark on foreign affairs so that their high-sounding phrases and noble platitudes will sound persuasive. …The New Deal candidate’s vaunted indispensability for foreign affairs is pure myth.

Governor Bricker said the “tragic story” of the London conference “proves” the myth. American delegates, he said, lacked purpose and direction, were split by dissension, and when they finally seemed on the verge of a minor agreement, “Mr. Roosevelt sent a blighting message to the conference blasting all hopes.”

Governor Bricker said:

That closed the door on international conferences until war broke out. Germany was given a free rein to go ahead.