Election 1944: Ban on Dr. Poling laid to politics (11-6-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 6, 1944)


Ban on Dr. Poling laid to politics

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (UP) –
Dr. Daniel A. Poling, president of the World’s Christian Endeavor who announced Friday that he would support the reelection of President Roosevelt, yesterday was barred from the pulpit of a suburban church where he was scheduled to make a religious talk,

Rev. Franklin Duncombe, pastor of Bala-Cynwyd Methodist Church and pastoral counsellor of the State Christian Endeavor Society, said the talk had been cancelled because he “didn’t want to bring partisan politics into my church.”

In reply, Dr. Poling said he questioned the “fair play” of the cancellation, and added:

Personally, this is a small price to pay for freedom when so many are dying for it. I never carry partisan politics or candidates into the pulpit. When, as a citizen, I must speak on such matters, I rent a hall or go on the air.