Election 1944: Army shows care on ballot letters (10-13-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 13, 1944)


Army shows care on ballot letters

Washington (UP) –
There have been 268 cases discovered in the Army and Navy in which censors have stamped war ballot envelopes, the War Department said yesterday, but only two cases in the Army in which such envelopes have actually been opened by censors, it was said.

Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson told his news conference:

In view of the more than four million ballots requested, this number is so infinitesimally small that it fully indicates such incidents were due to accident or mistake and not to design.

He recalled his earlier statement that an Army order was sent to censors in December 1943 prohibiting them from opening ballots. Directions drawing attention to the order were radioed later to all overseas commands, he said.