Election 1944: Aid for farmers pledged by Dewey (9-25-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 25, 1944)


Aid for farmers pledged by Dewey

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (UP) –
Continuance of several New Deal farm aid programs on a modified basis was promised Oklahoma farmers today by Governor Thomas E. Dewey as he opened a series of conferences with state agricultural, labor and veterans and business groups.

The GOP nominee told farm leaders that a key point in his platform was the revision of social security laws to include them.

Z. H. Lawter, secretary of the Oklahoma Farmers Union, said he believed Governor Dewey “made a good impression” on the Oklahoma farm group.

Mr. Lawton said after the conference:

He talked about social security and he was emphatic in stating that he favored wider courage to take in agricultural workers. And he is for continuing the Farm Security Administration and – in a general way – the triple-A program.

W. E. Harvey, owner of several farm near Ada, said of Governor Dewey, “He talks my language.”