Election 1944: 14 renominated in Texas primary (7-24-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (July 24, 1944)


14 renominated in Texas primary

Dallas, Texas (UP) –
Fourteen Texas Congressmen, including Speaker Sam Rayburn, won renomination in the state’s primary election Saturday, five others were running such a close race that a runoff appeared necessary and one was defeated, unofficial returns indicated today.

Mr. Rayburn of Bonham, running for his 17th term in Congress, defeated State Senator G. C. Morris, his closest opponent, by a vote of 20,840 to 16,873.

The only Congressman to be defeated was Rep. Richard Kleberg of Corpus Christi, who polled 11,836 votes compared to 19,121 for Capt, John Lyle, now serving with the Army in Italy.

Judge nominated

In the 2nd district, which has been represented by Martin Dies (chairman of the House Un-American Activities Committee) for the last six terms, Judge J. M. Combs won the nomination.

The closest race in the light primary balloting was between Rep. Ed Gossett of Wichita Falls who received 24,260 votes compared to 24,115 for George Moffett of Chillicothe. Two other contests in which runoffs appeared certain were those in the 9th and 17th districts were Reps. J. J. Mansfield and Sam Russell were running a close race with their opposition.

Has slight lead

In the 3rd district, Rep. Lindley Beckworth of Gilmer was holding only a slight lead over Capt. D. S. Meredith Jr., and a runoff appeared inevitable. A similar situation resulted in the 7th district where Rep. Nat Patton was running a close race with District Attorney Tom Pickett of Palestine.

The runoff primary is scheduled for next month.