Election 1940: Willkie to Win by 4 Million, Hurja Predicts (11-2-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 3, 1940)



Publisher Also Says G.O.P. To Have Landslide in Electoral College

Chicago, Nov. 2 (UP) –

Emil Hurja, publisher of Pathfinder Magazine, predicted in his final pre-election forecast today that Republican nominee Wendell Willkie will be elected President by a “landslide” electoral college vote and a popular majority of more than four million.

He told a press conference in Republican National Committee offices that Mr. Willkie will receive a majority of 900,000 to a million in upstate New York against a majority of 525,000 for President Roosevelt in New York City.

Mr. Hurja’s prediction of electoral votes showed 353 for Mr. Willkie and 178 for Mr. Roosevelt. The Willkie total included 22 California votes, which Mr. Hurja termed “doubtful,” and the Roosevelt column included Missouri’s 15, which he said might go for Mr. Willkie.

He predicted Illinois in the Willkie column with a Republican downstate majority of 400,000 and the Democrats carrying Chicago by an undetermined amount.

Pennsylvania will go for Mr. Willkie, her said, even though Mr. Roosevelt carried both Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties. He predicted Michigan for Mr. Willkie, although it probably will elect a Democratic governor.

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