Election 1940: Wallace's Last Plea Aimed at Farmers (11-4-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 4, 1940)


Washington, Nov. 4 (UP) –

Henry A. Wallace, Democratic vice presidential candidate, today asked the farmers to support their friend President Roosevelt, at the polls tomorrow.

Mr. Wallace said in a radio address:

The agriculture issue in this campaign is whether we shall turn our program over to the holding company candidate and his Wall Street backers, or whether we shall go forward with President Roosevelt.

Mr. Wallace pointed out that under the Roosevelt administration farm cash income has risen from $4,700,000,000 in 1932 to about $9,000,000,000 in 1940. He said farmers were “still on the way up.”

He said that the New Deal relieved farmers of unreasonable interest rates, thereby giving thousands of tenant farmers a chance to become owners. He cited the Agricultural Adjustment Act, the Soil Conservation Act, parity payments, flood control and the TVA as democratic accomplishments to aid farmers.

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