Election 1940: Wallace Confers with La Follette (10-21-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 21, 1940)

With Wallace Motorcade, En Route to Mason City, Iowa, Oct. 21 –

Henry A. Wallace returned to his home state of Iowa today after a conference with Senator Robert M. La Follette Jr. (PRO-WI), which caused political observers to predict the Roosevelt administration would support Progressive candidates for state offices in Wisconsin in exchange for support by the Progressives.

The Democratic candidate for Vice President met Senator La Follette at his Madison, Wis. home and conferred 15 minutes yesterday morning. He declined to comment.

Senator La Follette recently announced he would support President Roosevelt for a third term although he does not agree with some of the President’s foreign policies. Former Gov. Philip F. La Follette, founder of the National Progressives of America third-party movement, is campaigning for his brother who seeks re-election to the Senate in November.

In the September Wisconsin primary election, Republican candidates received more votes than the Progressives and Democrats combined. The Progressives placed second in total votes received.