Election 1940: Secretary Early Assails Willkie For Quoting Report (9-1-40)


Aboard Presidential Special En Route to Chattanooga, Tenn., Sept. 1 (UP) –

The White House tonight sharply criticized Wendell Willkie for making public excerpts from a “confidential government report,” information which had been restricted to President Roosevelt and the highest army and navy officials, according to a statement by Secretary Stephen T. Early.

Early referred to Willkie’s announcement last night of excerpts from the report of Edward R. Stettinius Jr. as chairman of the war resources planning board, presenting recommendations for mobilization of American industry in the event of war. Stettinius, a member of the National Defense Commission, filed the report with Mr. Roosevelt, who has declined to make it public, explaining that it is a confidential document.

He explained that the original of the report is still locked in Stettinius’ private vault. A limited number of copies, however, were given to Mr. Roosevelt and highest officials of the War and Navy Departments, he revealed.