Election 1940: President Sets Defense Tours (10-16-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 16, 1940)


Roosevelt Also to Make Political Speeches

Washington, Oct. 16 (UP) –

President Roosevelt has indicated that he soon will make defense tours in five eastern seaboard states.

The President probably will make personal appearances in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Mr. Roosevelt also will make several major radio addresses in which he will present his case for re-election. The first comes October 23 – National Youth Day – when the President speaks on radio time purchased by the Democratic National Committee. Another address on “paid time” will be on October 30.

To Address Forum

On October 24, he will speak by radio or send a message to the New York Herald Tribune forum. He may also deliver addresses dedicating the new Battery-Brooklyn vehicular tunnel and Pennsylvania’s new Harrisburg-Pittsburgh “super-turnpike.”

Mr. Roosevelt plans to leave Friday for his Hyde Park, N.Y., home, reportedly for a conference with one of Canada’s highest officials on mutual defense problems.

At Quebec City, it was announced that the Earl of Athlone, Governor-General of Canada, and Princess Alice would be weekend guests of Mr. Roosevelt at Hyde Park.

The President indicated at his press conference that he would be on the move until far into the fall, continuing his inspection tours after Election Day.

Tour Listed

Mr. Roosevelt said he wants to inspect the following cities where defense industries are centered:

  • The industrial Connecticut valley – Springfield, Mass, and Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport and Waterbury, Conn.

  • Buffalo, N.Y. – Site of expanding aeronautical manufacturing plants and incidentally, home of Senator James Mead (D-NY), who is paired with Mr. Roosevelt on the Democratic ticket in the party drive to capture New York’s 47 electoral votes.

  • New Jersey – The Kearney Shipbuilding plant at Kearney and the New York Shipbuilding Corp. at Camden.

  • Pennsylvania – The Frankfort Arsenal near Philadelphia.

  • New York City – The Brooklyn Navy Yard.