Election 1940: Political Expense Accounts Compared (11-2-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 2, 1940)


Up to Oct. 22 —

Republican Collect More To Build Up 'Nest Egg’

John R. Beal, United Press Staff Writer

Washington, Nov. 2 –

Comparison of the financial reports of the two major parties showed today that both national committees spent about the same amount from June 1 to October 22 although the Republicans collected more than twice as much as the Democrats.

Reports on file with the clerk of the House showed that the Republicans spent $955,827 to the Democrats’ $942,883 during this period. The Republicans, however, collected $2,030,554 to the Democrats’ $981,462. This left the G.O.P. National Committee a sizable balance on hand October 22.

A supplemental report, covering the period from October 23 to 30 inclusive, was filed yesterday by the Democratic National Committee, showing additional expenditures of $257,625 on the campaign to re-elect President Roosevelt, and additional collections of $326,110.

Three Million Limit

No supplemental report for this period, however, has yet been received from the Republicans. The G.O.P. report previously filed recapitulated expenditures for the entire year through October 22, amounting to $2,101,821. Receipts for the year totaled $2,891,637 through October 22.

Under the amendment to the Hatch Act enacted at this session, political parties are limited to $3 million in expenditures on national campaigns.

The reports on file with the clerk showed many more organizations backing Wendell L. Willkie independently of the Republican National Committee, than are backing President Roosevelt.

Two Aiding Roosevelt

Only two major organizations reported themselves working independently for the Roosevelt-Wallace ticket – The National Committee of Independent Voters and the Businessmen’s League for Roosevelt. The former collected $160,671 and spent $123,427 between the time of its organization September 20 and October 30. The latter, organized on October 25, collected $18,240 and spent $5,029 by October 30.

The United Republican Finance Committee of Pennsylvania reported receipts during September and October of $963,246, and expenditures of $780,594.

The Maryland Committee, an organization working for the Willkie-McNary ticket, with headquarters in Baltimore, reported that up to October 31 it had collected $93,782 and spent $74,319.

Collection Figures

Among the Willkie organizations was the “Willkie Committee of 10 Million Businessmen, Professional Men and Farmers,” with headquarters in New York. Mrs. J. I. Saks, New York, treasurer, reported that by the end of October, it had collected $1,614 and spent $551.

Edward D. Pearce Jr., of New York, treasurer of the “Anti-Triple Threat Committee” of that city, reported collections of $253 and expenditures of $12.

The “No Third Term Democrats of Illinois” reported through Julius Smietanka, treasurer, that from the time of organization through October 22 collections totaled $4,941 and expenditures $1,207.

The People’s Committee to Defend Life Insurance and Savings, organized September 20, reported that by October 25 it had collected $32,450 and spent $24,039.

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