Election 1940: McNutt Predicts Work For Everyone (10-3-40)

Reading Eagle (October 3, 1940)


Says Employables Will Be Absorbed Next Year

Chicago, Oct. 3 (AP) –

All persons able and willing to work will be employed by the middle of next year, says Paul V. McNutt, Federal Security Administrator.

McNutt spoke last night at a banquet signalizing the formal start of President Roosevelt’s campaign in Chicago. He said that “legitimate business” has increased “to a point close to the prosperity of the boom years” and that industrial activity reached near capacity in 1939 and 1940.

Under the present program all unemployed employables will be absorbed by the middle of next year.

McNutt estimated that the “normal expansion and development” of business would provide jobs for 4,600,000 men and that their wages would result in the employment of 3,000,000 additional persons.

Asserting that the next four years would be one of the most critical periods in the nation’s history, McNutt criticized the Republican Party’s choice for national leadership as “a man who daily demonstrates his inability to lead his own party.”

The Republican candidate is a man without a party. How can a man run the country when he can’t run his own party?