Election 1940: Editorial – Why We Are Against Roosevelt (10-28-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 28, 1940)



Because one-man rule is contrary to the whole idea of democracy.

Because one-man rule is sweeping the world and we are not immune.

Because a third term is a long step toward one-man rule.

Because we believe Mr. Roosevelt is heading us into war, and war means one-man rule overnight.

Because deficit government spending under the no-more-frontiers theory weakens the nation, creates a permanent emergency, saps the independence of the individual, builds up the power of the state, and leads to one-man rule.

Because we believe that all other issues are secondary to this issue of one-man rule.

Because we would vote for any good American to break this dangerous trend against government of the people, by the people, for the people.

In conclusion, we quote Thomas Jefferson and ask you to think it over:

If some termination to the services of the Chief Magistrate be not fixed, his office, nominally for four years, will, in fact, become for life; and history shows how easily that degenerates into an inheritance.