Election 1940: Editorial – 'Don't Be Bossed' (10-27-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 27, 1940)



A woman phoned The Press saying she wanted to vote a certain way on Nov. 5, but that her husband told her he would be thrown out of the union if she did so. He said the union had ways of finding how its members and their families voted.

Another reader feared discharge if he voted contrary to the desires of his employer.

To these people, and others who may have heard the same thing, we again emphasize that voting is secret.

Nobody can see how you vote.

Not even the election officials will know. Nobody has any right to dictate how you shall vote.

You are a free American citizen. You have a right to express your honest choice at the polls.

Don’t be sacred into following the dictates of any boss – be he the boss of the factory or of the union or of some political gang.