Eight American newsmen killed since start of war (9-5-42)

Brooklyn Eagle (September 5, 1942)

Eight American newsmen killed since start of war

The casualty list of American war correspondents has grown during the three years of the war to eight killed, three missing and 17 wounded or injured in line of duty, according to an Editor & Publisher compilation.

A total of 17 representatives of American news agencies, newspapers, radio companies and magazines were captured in action. This group included those seized when Manila fell.

Germany, Italy and Japan interned 57 newspapermen, but the majority of these have been repatriated in diplomatic exchanges. However, 17 correspondents are still held in prison or internment camps.

Editor & Publisher predicted still heavier casualties in 1942-43. It pointed out that reporters are risking their lives with greater frequency in combat action in the Pacific offensive.

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