Editorial: Where's the proof, Miss Thompson? (5-12-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (May 12, 1941)


By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

In her newspaper column, Miss Dorothy Thompson has frequently accused Charles A. Lindbergh of being pro-Nazi. But in an address before 2,500 people at Tulsa, Okla., she said:

Charles Lindbergh is a Nazi.

People who make such charges ought to be compelled to prove them. A good many Americans would like Miss Thompson to give the evidence for her accusations against one who a short time ago was hero to our sons.

Her platform reasoning in Tulsa seemed weak indeed. She told us she had arrived at the conclusion because Lindbergh called his first book We.

Dorothy demanded:

And who was the other personality embodied in that title? A flying machine! Isn’t this sufficient proof that Lindbergh is a worshipper of machines, and the machine worshipper has a Nazi mind?

Perhaps the quotation isn’t word for word exact, but 2,500 listeners will agree that the meaning was the same. Of course, no sane person will accept such logic. Even those who are greatly moved by emotion must question so silly a verdict.

There’s one thing to be said for Charles Lindbergh, whether you hate or love him. He has been remarkable for his consistency, and that is a virtue lacking in much of our leadership.

He may be wrong, but the person who has studied his speeches and writings must be aware of carefully thought-out conclusions. He has never given the impression that he was moved by personal hatreds, by anger or by fear.

He has spoken firmly, courageously and without emotion, apology or quibbling. I believe he is sincere in his convictions. He wants us to stay out of Europe’s troubles and build our own defenses. He thinks this war is not different from other wars, although we are told by others that it is an Armageddon.

I am not qualified to pass judgment on Lindbergh’s attitude, but I do admire his consistency, quite as much as I dislike the hysteria which Dorothy Thompson substitutes for thinking and reasoning in her orations.