Editorial: A hot time in Berlin (1-19-43)

Brooklyn Eagle (January 19, 1943)

Editorial: A hot time in Berlin

One thing the renewed RAF assaults on Berlin have certainly done and that is demolish the hints we’ve been hearing to the effect that the British and the Germans had declared a sort of unofficial truce by which the two nations were to withhold their bombers from each other’s capital.

The burghers of Berlin are learning what war is like. Their sons are dying for Hitler on the snowy steppes of the Russian front. The once-powerful Luftwaffe is harried from the Russian front to Tunis, and back again. Then the terror from the air descends on those at home, and the Luftwaffe is too busy to do much about it. The Berliners can take what consolation they can put of the thought that the weekend raids were nothing to what is to come.

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