Eastern Front Topics

To Everyone in the Time Ghost Production Team
First of all, I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy the World War Two series and all of your productions.

I am very interested in the Eastern Front and now that the World War Two series is covering this huge campaign I wanted to make some suggestions of topics for your show to cover later in this campaign with an emphasis on the Axis Minor Nations.

You folks probably already have these topics covered and will show them in future episodes of World War Two but I wanted to present this list in the hopes that maybe there is something here that will inspire some additional “digging into” and might result in new/additional content for your show:

  • The Siege of Odessa (which was largely a Romanian affair)

  • A profile on the Italian CSIR/8th Army in Russia

  • The battles of the Finnish Continuation War from 1941-44

  • A profile of the Croatian 369th Infantry Regiment which fought in Stalingrad

  • Coverage of Romanian Cavalry and Mountain units which were the best units of the Romanian Army

  • Profiles of two of Romania’s best Generals–Radu Korne and Gheorghe Avramescu

  • Coverage of the Hungarian Rapid Corps and their 1941 Campaign in Russia

  • Romania switching sides in 1944 and the impact on the war

  • The war between Romania and Hungary after Romania switched sides

  • The Hungarian army’s defense of Hungary (and Budupest in particular)

  • Bulgaria joining the Soviet Union and their campaign vs the Axis in the Balkans

  • Battles where Romania and/or Bulgaria joined the USSR in fighting vs the Axis

  • Finland vs Germany in October 1944

  • The Soviet invasion of Norway

Hope there is a topic here that you can make use of.