Dutch Antilles and Suriname Participation

I’m a new fan of the shows and programs. I saw one of the oof videos on the Dutch West Indies’ strategic role in WW2, however, I was wondering if you could give more insight into their role in the Dutch Resistance as well as military operations. Martyr figures who were a part of the resistance like Anton De Kom and Boy Ecury are famous in the west indies and for years older folks spoke about the U-boats in the islands and the shelling of Aruba. I have also heard about several Surinamese and Antilleans joining the dutch military to go fight in Europe and the East Indies Campaign, could anyone share more information?


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Fascinating question and I can’t answer it but I would encourage anyone to read the Wiki article on the attack on Aruba.

Of course it’s wiki so it can’t be trusted but it shows the island tankers were sitting ducks and the German submarines were not good at shore bombardment.

I would encourage you to check the citations to this which might point to more reputable resources.

I did find 2 sources:

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