Dr. Dublin: U.S. losses half those in World War I (7-12-43)

Brooklyn Eagle (July 12, 1943)

U.S. losses half those in World War I

Pointing out that the United States has been at war today for exactly the same period as that of America’s participation in World War I – 19 months and 5 days – Dr. Louis I. Dublin, statistician of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, reports that our losses have been about half of those in 1917-18.

In the last conflict, a total of 52,692 soldiers, sailors and Marines were killed in action or died of wounds, he declares, while known U.S. losses since Pearl Harbor have been about 25,000. Battle losses have been almost evenly divided between the Army and Navy, he said, whereas the brunt of the attack in 1917-18 was borne by the Army, with over 95% of those killed being soldiers.

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