Does the war start today?


I guess, Nazi Germany attacked in the early morning. Was it really 5:45 am? Honestly, I expected you to upload the first episode at that time. Don’t want to sound impatient, but I’m getting impatient. :wink: When will the wait be over? You’re torturing me!


Yah. i also await the first episode. we need to have ww2 updated, so that fiction doesn’t permanently ruin the truth with simplistic black and whiteness. this is why i like indy and the team. it’s all about the nuance. about reality.


It has begun … watching it right now.




It is awesome!!! Thanks for all your effort Astrid, Indy and Spartacus!


To be honest I was scared from the delay, thought that something happened…


Well it’s started now. Be quick, because it’ll all be over by Christmas.


What are people’s thoughts on the use of the term “Blitzkrieg”? Personally I think it’s an acceptable shorthand, but I know that many take umbrage with its use.


Couldn’t resist the B-word, I see :wink:


I think the misconception that Blitzkrieg was a thing, rather than a propaganda buzzword is still quite common among wider audience(which I hope this project is reaching), so it would be nice if it was addressed, rather than reinforced through usage.


I’m planning on addressing that in a video of mine soon.


Well who would’ve thunk, The Chieftain on Time Ghost!