Does a list of all Enigma codeblocks for every day exist?

Hello all, I was wondering if a list of all the settings that the German army used for the duration of the war. Like: on march 3rd, 1943, they used rotors 4, 5, 3, with reflector C and the plug board at AB CD EF and so on.


Hi audsoll97,

I have seen Enigma machines and related equipment in the Crypto Museum in The Netherlands. (Crypto Museum). I have had the pleasure to visit one of their awesome exhibitions.

On their website, they have some pages regarding codebooks: Enigma codes. Once on this page, if you click on the different codebooks there is more information including scans of certain codebooks. I haven’t delved into this very thoroughly yet, so I cannot tell you more about them, but this is the best I could find.