Do you think the Z plan would make the Kriegsmarine superior to the Royal Navy or not?


For me? no because the royal navy would still build ship and combined with the french marine,I don’t think that the kriegsmarine would become a dominant marine,just fleet in being like the one from 14-18,here are two link regarding the Z plan I find interesting:


I like the oil arguments. If the Kriegsmarine did get all those ships, with that oil resources would they be moved? England had all of the middle east, and alliances with Venezuela and the US, but Germany barely had some sources from the Caucasus, right?
This gives me two questions I’m not sure of: what kind of oil where the different divisions of the armies needing on each contestant? And also, did Germany have any more oil sources than that one and of which kinds?


In 1941, Germany didn’t have enough steel to produce ammunition for the Eastern Front, so I’m not sure where they’re going to find enough to make a battleship from.

The Z Plan was based on the assumption that Germany wouldn’t be going to war until 1946 IIRC. The Royal Navy was also going through a rearmament program that would have seen it build in the same time 6 Lion class battleships, 5 KGVs and 1 or more Vanguards. There are the 6 armored carriers building, plus 4 Audacious class planned which with Ark Royal give 11 modern fleet carriers plus a whole host of cruisers and lighter ships building. Then they’ve got all their pre-war construction which included some powerful units like Hood or the Nelsons and some others which would still be somewhat useful like the Renowns and rebuilt QE classes. All of that’s enough to give Britain a comfortable margin of superiority over a hypothetical Z Plan German navy.