Do We Have a Subreddit?


I think that a strong presence on Reddit can really help to grow viewership. Has anyone set up a subreddit for the show, and if not, would anyone like to?


I would strongly agree with making a subreddit. I’ve been posting the episodes of WW2 on r/TheGreatWarChannel and various other history-related subs, and most of those people hadn’t heard of the series yet.


Might I suggest that we create a general sub, such as r/timeghost, for all of our projects, and then a specific WW2 sub, like r/timeghostww2?


We would be delighted if you guys can do this - reddit doesn’t allow us to create our own subreddit. But posting in TGW might be even more important at this point since we also have no way of doing that without creating WW3 with Mediakraft.

And thank you all for your dedication and support!

A suggestion would be to stick with r/timeghost and not add ww2 as it’s a bit hard to read.


I have no experience at all in setting up or moderating a subredit, but I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at it!

It would appear that there already is a subreddit by the name of Timeghost. Any other Ideas? Maybe TimeghostHistory? The longer names does become kinda unwieldy and harder to find though :confused:


We could always ask to have mod transfer sub to us, and then redo or rather create the CSS.

I’m code literate, but have no experience with reddit, as I stick to python/ruby/mathematica/matlab. I could give it a go for edditing the sub CSS.


I just dm’d the mod asking him if he’d be willing to give us the sub. Fingers Crossed!