Disclaimer/Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic

I feel as though a disclaimer is warranted before/if I continue with my Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic series of posts. The information is lifted almost word for word from my sources. In any copyright court or school project I would be guilty of massive and obvious plagiarism. My only intent was to spread knowledge about something I care a lot about to you guys here on this website and hopefully give Indy and the crew an easily accessible resource should they ever do a special on Canada for their WW2 series. I intended no harm, but I understand copyright law is the law and I will remove my posts if asked to do so by the crew or by any original copyright holders. I have now added a disclaimer to the start of every one of my Battle of the Atlantic posts. I may continue forward with my posts with more original thought or simply more obviously quoted sections.

The only post which does not have a disclaimer is my SC-42 special, as I essentially combined three different accounts of the battle into one narrative. It is mostly original, as none of my Canadian sources had as much information about the German side of things during that fight, and I had to splice it in.

The pictures all exist in the Public Domain unless stated otherwise, and the Timeghost crew are free to use them if they so please.

My sincerest apologies if any of you are disappointed in me.


Why would anyone be? You’re doing a great job. :slight_smile:


@General_Alex and I discussed this the other day. I’d asked his permission to repost the “Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic” series on my own blog. On Friday, I got a copy of Marc Milner’s North Atlantic Run and recognized a lot of the material, which is why I got concerned about copyright issues … Alex had only posted here, to a relatively limited audience, but I’d been re-posting (with his permission) to a potentially much larger audience (I get a couple of million hits over the course of a year). I’m now going back through the set of re-posts and as clearly as I can, marking Milner’s work so it’s clearly not Alex’s or my own writing.

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