Did the Russians ask Germany for an armistice in 1943?


I have read that the Russians asked Germany for an armistice in mid 1943, however as the condition would be that the borders reverted back to the pre-Barbarossa frontiers, Hitler turned them down.
Apart from Basil Liddell Hart’s book, has anyone read this anywhere else?

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I’ve never heard this before, if it is true then it’s a very interesting topic

I highly doubt the Soviets (Russian SFR was the largest but there were many SFRs too… like kazakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan etc etc) would ask for peace when they definitely have the advantage. Looks like the book you are reffering to is the History of the second world war which was published in the 1970s when the soviet archives weren’t opened. I think the source he is getting that is probably from a German General Memoir.

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in Richard Bassett´s biography on Wilhelm Canaris was mentioned something like that. It´s hard to imagine it during this phase of conflict, but Soviets felt enormous loses every day and Stalin´s paranoia about Allies reluctance to open western front might not be taken lightly. It may be fake but one never knows…

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