Did Paul Emil Von Lettow-Vorbeck have any role in WW2? Did he play an indirect role as his cousin participated in the July plot and Theodor Von Hippel used his experiences from East Africa for the Brandenburger Commando unit, but was there anything else?

We all remember Von Lettow-Vorbeck’s “polite” decline as ambassador to the Court of St James’s
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He did not play any direct role in WW2 as he huge disdain for hitler and the Nazis. (Probably the only guy to say “Fuck off” to hitler in the face and survive. He should have been called Stalin… But I digress).

He was kept under survillence though after his “Stark” refusal and even his home office was searched ( though I don’t know whether this was before the July plot or after).

He had to stick to food packets given by his friends during the end months of the war as his house was decimated by allied bombing.

So… as far as I know he did not help the Nazis or was called to active service.


Vorbeck was a Prussian of the old school. He not only told Hitler & the nazis to F off, but basically sat out the war.