Did Canaris know about the real ZigZag spy who blew up the De Havilland factory

Great story about the Spy who blew up the De Haviland factory. I kind of remember seeing it in 2019 when I was in the De Havilland museum. Just North of London. The instragram/FB/Timeghost story adds tons of background.

The museum is fantastic and also has the prototype of the Mosquito as well as tons of other planes and a very intimate setting and lots of volunteers who are happy to explain everthing including the names of the planes (Dragonfly/Mosquito/Vampire which lived in the pond just outside etc ). Actually no Vampires but the volunteer insect reporter (enviromental thing in UK) guy who had all the insects and was matching them to the plane names. He showed me the leech as well and I suggested it must be the DH Vampire single engined Jet which could have easily outturned the ME-262. I took a flight lesson in Coventry in one, 45 minutes of aerobatics :-). I highly recommend.

Now to agent ZigZag who blew up the De Havilland factory producing the Mosquitoes and early jets. This is him on “To tell the truth”. He wasn’t an honest man so far but did the right thing for his country (the Rocketeer springs to mind)! Maybe a con man makes a better spy?

Also I wonder in Canaris had coached him personally or had an idea he was a spy of the other side

Triple Cross WW2 Spy Thriller - Christopher Plummer & Yul Brynner 1966 as well as Romy Schneider and Goldfinger :wink:

Books apart from a flurry of books about him he wrote his own:
Free Agent: Being the Further Adventures of Eddie Chapman by Eddie Chapman (goodreads.com)

To Tell the Truth - Otto Preminger, film director; WWII double-agent (Nov 8, 1965) - YouTube

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