Did any americans serve in the army's of either side before they joined the war?

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I was wondering whether there were any Americans served in either side before they joined the war.

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Yes, some US americans did serve in other armies prior to the formal entry declaration of war in December 1941. In the European theater some joined the allied cause via Canada and served in the dominion forces. Three RAF squadrons consisting of american volunteers were formed and fought from 19 September 1940 – 29 September 1942 under RAF command, whereupon they were turned over to the US command and formed into the 4th Fighter Group. In Asia the famous Flying Tigers were a mercenary group of US flyers hired to fight for the Chinese forces until they too were absorbed in the USAAF in 1942 commanded by Claire Chennault.

There were some americans of german descent that served in the Nazi forces during WWII. It was a very small number usually ascribed to young children who moved to Germany by parents sympathetic to the Nazi cause through the Bund. This was portrayed in the film Band of Brothers. Very few numbers and not closely documented. There were a very few cases of an active soldier defecting, such as [Martin James Monti (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_James_Monti) who flew a reconnaissance P-38 to a german airfield. Some other americans and other foreign nationals contributed to the nazi propaganda machine such as the infamous Axis Sally.
There were reports similarly of american citizens or immigrants that moved to Japan prior to start of the war and serving in the Imperial Japanese military and again in their propaganda machine.


there were voluntary Americans fighting in Finland… many were Finnish herritage and some native Americans.


If you are able to watch NETFLIX, there is a series called Medal Of Honor worth watching. Edward Carter was one of the most incredible fighters in the US Army. He survived the war only to be denied re-enlistment in 1949 because he had fought in the Abraham Lincoln brigade in Spain against the fascists. He was also denied consideration after his actions because he was an African American at the time. Despite this his heroism was incredible and he was finally recognized after he passed away.