Did a person get insurance in (or after) the war?

In 1930 in France, modern social insurance was created, offering employees protection against certain risks: accidents, sickness, disability, maternity, old age, death.

So doing a logical extension of this logic, did the citizens get insurance money for homes destroyed (lives lost and cars and other expensive things) in or after the war (in say Verdun)?

Did this apply to all countries?


Yes and no. It varied by country. The US took its first steps to what became its modern insurance system during the war, this involved unions heavily and deserves its own episode.

First, soldier’s and sailor’s life insurance was and is very much a real thing. The standard US Armed Forces policy paid $10,000 to the beneficiary. It was premium-free but had to be signed for before deployment. That is equivalent to $100,000 today. The US also developed the extensive Veteran’s Hospital system it still has.

Second, Britain instituted the War Damages Act in 1941 to pay for homes damaged by war. This took yesrs to settle. There was also a disability pension for civilian war casualties but the criteria were strict. Delayed symptoms and psychiatric illnesses were generally refused.

Britain instituted its main Welfare State reforms after WW2, notably the NHS.

Canada paralleled the US and took a hint of inspiration from Britain but we didn’t enact our main welfare state reforms until the 1960’s.

Neither Canada nor the UK have anything like the US Veterans Hospital system, discharged personnel are treated in the general public system.


Oh… Wait what do you mean by delayed symptoms and how could one get it?

Did the axis also have similar system in place or were they too bothered in winning the war that they did not care much about the soldiers and civilians?


I am not sure about German arrangements; they likely were changed after Gernany was defeated and the Reich defaulted on its obligations.

The same goes for Japan.

Delayed symptoms meant for example a person who is in a coma after a bombing, recovers but remains mute. This was excluded as a war disability.


So Italy got away from it’s obligations because they switched sides?

I didn’t know a person could get coma from bombing