Danish volunteers to Waffen-SS

Check this video out from a dutch guy on the danish fighting for Waffen-SS https://youtu.be/6aJe1adVzZM

The volunteers ist still up for discussion in Norway and Denmark. They were covicted in Denmark with retroactive laws. The research here i Denmark is made difficult because all police interrogation reports have been stolen from the Danish national archive. The big question is whether they participated in and / or knew about war crimes.



Possibly like in the Netherlands there were a lot of dirty cops working for the National Socialists in World War 2 and who could remain in their jobs as the police was need to restabilize society.

Also this study explains some of the massive difficulties in determining what happened and too often “personal SS Memories” started dominating the history writing at first as they conveniently established the “Saubermann” myths of nations that did collaborate.

Still I tried to contact a UK “SS Reenactor groupt” via mail why they did this and after a short conversation it was quite obvious that they were quoting from “memoires” that the SS shared food with the local population. When I mentioned the war crimes they called me snowflakes and were boasting what tough guys they are. Pretty pathetic bunch actually!

This study also criticizes the earlier uncritical use of sources use and tries to tell both sides but evaluating is the sources is wildly difficult


Hmm my impression of how the good SS guys shared food:

SS guy to peasant. “You have food, share it with us”
Peasant: “if I share it we will starve”
SS guy: shoots peasant and takes food. “We offered to share but they were corrupt bolsheviks”