Counter factual history, imaginary

So, if Germany had managed to not antagonize the USA and have Wilson and Congress declare war on Germany, it seems as if they would have won WWI. Is that correct?

Also, if Hitler had abstained from attacking the USSR, would he have had some chances of winning?

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Ok… Let’s say you are Hitler. Put yourself in his boots? Done?

Now you have hated the commies from the 1920s and you have always wanted to finish them off, wipe the stain of Bolshevik-Judaism from the face of the earth? That opportunity presents itself in 1941, when you have basically conquered all of Europe and the soviets… Baah… those idiots… They could not take over Finland.

What good could they do against you? So in you went.

Plus, you need grain and oil. You know the country which has copious amounts of it that you need to win the war? USSR.

And you could starve a bunch of people and make them glorious new lands for the germans.


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As far as the WW1 argument, it was close. I personally think Britain and France had enough reserves to stop the Germans before they could break out. Failing that, stalemate resumes and Germany is still starving and rebellion breaks out.

I think Germany starves before Britain from the submarine threat. So Germany loses but maybe gets a better peace deal.

Just my humble opinion. Could have seen Germany go communist.

Also didn’t the Hindenburg plan fail to bring the production levels up to that of the Baguette eating guys and the guys who made an empire over spices but failed to use any in their own food.

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