Could you please tell us the story of Doris “Dorie” Miller, the afro American hero at Pearl Harbor, whose action helped saving many lives

Watched The ‘Pearl Harbor’ special and thought it was amazing, but noticed you did not talk about this particular person who was praised by many for his bravery.


They haven’t talked about Cornelia Fort either. :frowning:


My guess why they were not mentioned is that there were too many people to choose from for their heroics on that day. Add to that outside the US few know of lesser known people which may be heroes in your country but rarely heard outside your borders I certainly did not know until you mentioned her name and searched it. It’s just like you are unlikely to know many heroic deeds of individual Canadians during WW2 but are taught in our schools and that goes for many countries.


As someone who lives near the Canadian border, I’ve known about and been taught the heroic deeds of many a Canadian, especially the troops who fought in Hong Kong against the Japanese.


Hell, the only MOH recipient from the U.S. Coast Guard was himself born in Canada.

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Hong Kong was a shining moment for inexperienced and under equipped troops from Canada whereas they got special mention from the Japanese commander but it was also a colossal waste of life. Everyone knew it would be a suicide mission but politics is politics.