Could Germany convince england for a peace after the fall of France?


Did Germany tried a peace with England after France fell and would it be possible to convince England despite Churchill?


Yes on many occasions Hitler did try to propose a peace deal with England but each time it was I remember blocked by Winston Churchill


Yes, please see my post from yesterday titled, CRUDE OIL, THE DECIDING FACTOR IN OUTCOME OF WW2.
After Chamberlain stepped down from his PM post, almost the entire parliament wanted Lord Halifax, and Halifax was one of the many on the war council calling for peace negotiations. If Ole’ Winny had not become PM, i believe a peeace deal would have been made between Britain and Hitler. Winny’s unwavering will to keep fighting means their blockade on Germany prevented Hitler from being able to purchase imported oil, or even already refined fuel. Since the German take-over of Denmark, Norway, Belgium, and France, Hitler now needs to supply oil/fuel to the new concurred territories. So on one hand, basically seizing all mainland West Europe was great, but it now places a huge burden of responsibility to now supply these new territories w/ resources. Germany had only enough Romanian oil, and their own synthetic oil converted into fuel for themselves at the outset of his wars w/ the Scandinavian/Belg/French campaigns. So Hitler knows he has to take the natural resources from Russia. So when they do invade Russia, they lose their main source of oil/fuel from the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact immediately. So now the race is on to concur the nat. resources from Russia b4 their meager supply runs out. Please see my post i made yesterday that i mentioned above, and i highly rec. watching the two video sources i added to my post.