Coronavirus and spanish flu

One thing I notice is that part of the lock down and no public gatherings is from studies of the Spanish Flu and how Philadelphia held a parade and had a horrible outbreak. Lessons we learn from history.


This coronavirus situation is far more manageable.


Containment is the best strategy. And the relative good job being done so far (few exceptions noted) is the only reason we are not seeing Spanish flu like numbers because Covid 19 (Sars 2) is pretty close to being equally lethal, percentage wise.

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I’ve said this before on the War Elephant Discord and I’ll say it again here:

This. Is. Not. 1918. For Christ’s sake.

Hell, my best friend even contemplated suicide because of the fear-mongering and panic-inducing coverage of coronavirus. In her words:

I’d rather shoot myself than listen to another coronavirus story.

From my perspective, a comparison to 1918 and, God forbid, AIDS (the pandemic that was a part of my childhood) is usually done by someone just looking for a panic and unintentionally (or intentionally) making the situation far worse than it actually is.


Like a lot of people I find the toilet paper situation in the US just baffling. I just want to scream “It’s a respiratory illness people! You do not 500 rolls of toilet paper even if you are under a 2-3 week quarantine!”