Congrats on reaching 15k on patreon


Congratulations to the timeghost team on reaching $15,005 on patreon.

While I have not been a patreon due to my low income I have been a loyal follower since the very beginning of timeghost.

It has been amazing to see the channel grow in both numbers and quality.

I cannot express my excitement to see this project unfold and fly into the sky and see where it will be heading.

When my Financial situation improves I will definitely start to support the show.



Thanks a lot @Geckogamer! We celebrated crossing the barrier on our communication software :slight_smile:! Its very humbling to see how many people support us with their hard earned money. We are immensely grateful for everyone who supports us! You all can be proud to be making history! We wouldn’t exist without you!



Cheers guys! Straight forward to the next one!