Congrats on reaching 15k on patreon

Congratulations to the timeghost team on reaching $15,005 on patreon.

While I have not been a patreon due to my low income I have been a loyal follower since the very beginning of timeghost.

It has been amazing to see the channel grow in both numbers and quality.

I cannot express my excitement to see this project unfold and fly into the sky and see where it will be heading.

When my Financial situation improves I will definitely start to support the show.



Thanks a lot @Geckogamer! We celebrated crossing the barrier on our communication software :slight_smile:! Its very humbling to see how many people support us with their hard earned money. We are immensely grateful for everyone who supports us! You all can be proud to be making history! We wouldn’t exist without you!



Cheers guys! Straight forward to the next one!


Out of interest, are Indy, Spartacus and Co actually able to do this full time? I do remember having a chat with Spartacus a few months ago and things still sounded touch and go financially. Would be awesome to hear if it is now financially secure, not just for TimeGhost, but for you guys as well on an individual level.


Well @simonturner1602, we are definitely more secure than a couple of months ago. It is true that for a long time, many of us were working very hard while receiving very little financially - Spartacus, Astrid and Indy didn’t get payed for a long time. It looks like this is getting better, but most of the core team are still working more than they ‘get paid’ for.

Currently, new Patreon income is mostly spent by hiring new research assistance - to relieve the rest of the team from some of their duties, which caused them to work a lot of overtime in the first place. We are not at a point yet where everyone gets what they ‘deserve’, but all of us are totally fine with this at the moment as we see our content improving and are able to hire some more research and production assistance. All of use love to do this more than we like to do money, and if we wanted to get rich, we would have done something else.

That being said, it’s nice to have some more breathing room. We love the support and are very motived by reactions, the feedback and the increase in subscribers and Patrons. Thanks for this message Simon, we really appreciate it!


As a fan, I am very grateful that you guys are willing to put yourselves through that. Not sure I could. It’s great to hear things are getting better for you guys and I sure as heck would love to buy you guys a beer (if you drink and ever come to the UK). You’ve all earned it.