Conflict Escalation


HI Guys, Not sure if this too soon and a bit presumptuous so apologies in advance,but how will the episode format work later on in the war as the conflicts merge to become a singular global one within the next year and a half? As you cover events in such great detail, it looks like it will be difficult to fit all said details within a 10 minute episode, especially say in the summer of 1942 (assuming we make it there). I don’t mean to sound negative, just curious to know if you’ve thought about it yet. Keep up the great work and I am likely to up my contribution on Patreon too :slight_smile:


Not just the escalation of these “regional” conflicts into a global war, but also the escalation of the violence being used and the crimes being committed by this power and that.


Quite right. You can easily just cover Operation Barbarossa on that basis without mentioning North Africa, Middle East and Southern Europe as well as the Far East in that time.