Community research - help us help you

Listen up, scumbags! You might have thought that joining the TimeGhost Army was gonna be an easy paycheck, but actually it is not easy at all (and there is no paycheck either :3). WW2 is big… like really big. Hence your help is needed to get research done in time.

The purpose of TimeGhost Intelligence Service (TGIS) is just that: to mobilize our sleeper cells all around the world to gather information about various WW2 related topics. The info is then delivered to TimeGhost via the TGIS forum category. “But what’s in it for me”, I hear you ask. Well, maggot, you’re a soldier now, so you simply do as you’re told! Lucky you, there also happens to be endless glory and distinction right this way.

There is really only one more thing you need to know:


In TGIS, pinned posts are the ones that are in particular need of research. Find sources, contribute and claim your glory today!

Let’s make history… scumbag!