Common Korean mistranslations

Hi all. Hope this is the right area. Im an American in korea and just wanted to share this

Now that the Korean war series has started. Ive noticed map there are plenty misspellings and mistranslation. Thats historically accurate but just for record.

For starters its “Uijeongbu” not “uijongbu”

To our english ears the following korean letters sound the same.

K and G
B and P
D and T

Its actually “Gimpo” not “Kimpo”. Koreans tell will you the sound is “in between G and K” which can take a lot of time for English to grasp. A common korean dish Gimbap youll hear sometimes said as Gimbap or Kimbap, likewise generally youll here the surname Kim said as such, Kim but occasionally said as Gim

Its both but neither at the same time.

B and P is also one of those “in between” sounds. In regards to the Korean war the city of Pusan is normally said as Pusan. But in the modern day i hear at as Busan most of the time.

The worst offender of all is D and T. Many of you have probably chuckled at Asians mispronouncing L and R. Korean D and T will check your gut.

Korean D to english sounds like a T.

So its actually
Dongducheon(this is usually said with a clear D)

Sure if you say the latter two with a D Koreans will understand and not object but youll hear these frequently said with what sounds like a T to english ears.

Part of this is due to these letters using the same Hangul characters(korean alphabet)

G and K both us ㄱ

B and P ㅂ

And D and T ㄷ

If it uses these characters then its one of those “in between” sounds

Ive heard if ㅂ ISNT the first letter then it’s a P sound. But im a novice so i cannot confirm

If you see ㅋ then its a clear and normal K

Likewise ㅍ a clear and normal P

And a ㅌ a clear and normal ㅌ

And not and in between sound

Again im only a novice in Korean. But i just wanted to point this out and see how many translation errors you can find in the following episodes