Christmas 1941 (12-25-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (December 24, 1941)

Editorial: Christmas 1941

It is no easy matter on Christmas Day in this Year of Our Lord 1941 to put aside, even for a little while, the sentiments of anger and vengeance that have with good reason inspired Americans since the Battle of Pearl Harbor.

But it will be a good thing if we who can and will pause for this one day, and recapture fleetingly the warmth and friendliness and affection, the peace and goodwill, that this holy day has always represented. There is hard work ahead. There is bad news ahead, inevitably, before the good can come. Many a door now wreathed for Christmas may be draped, before the new year is out, for an American killed in action.

But this one day, at least, those of us who are not on the firing fronts can grasp this opportunity to enjoy, and to reflect on, the solid things that our troops and fleets and air squadrons are now risking life to defend – the homes and churches, the traditions, above all the decency, that foredoomed fanatics beyond the seas have in their recklessness seen fit to challenge.